1000 Reasons

For Feeling Awe

is an educational and inspirational project whose aim is to promote and demonstrate the philosophical, psychological, spiritual and ecological significance of awe.

We seek to help you to deepen your own awe experiences by learning from awe-driven experts and our growing awe-inspired community.

We wish to flood you with a sense of positivity, meaning and optimism in a challenging age.

We hope to strengthen the relationship between human consciousness and the planet, especially in light of the ecological crisis.

We seek to establish the philosophical meaning of awe and to place this precious experience within a broad context.

We strive to encourage further research on awe and its relation to the meaning of human life.


“Each of our lives is a part of the lengthy process of the universe gradually waking up and becoming aware of itself.”

Philosopher Thomas Nagel

Awe is one of the major ways in which the human mind communicates with and wakes up to the universe’s unfathomable mystery. This project enables us to expand our capacity for feeling awe by perceiving life through countless wonderstruck eyes, ears, minds, and hearts. This impressive collage of perspectives and experiences can serve to illuminate everyone’s vision of the cosmos within and without them.

The core of 1000 Reasons for Feeling Awe is the hundreds of short but compelling interviews conducted by Shai Tubali with experts and featured on this website, our newsletter, YouTube channel, podcast, and social media platforms, both in written form and in their original video and audio format. However, these interviews constitute only the starting point of a far-reaching project.

First, this is a community-oriented vision, and everyone is warmly invited to submit videos, audios or short articles, depicting their perceptions and experiences of awe. Second, on the basis of these exalted impressions, we aim to compile some of the interviews for a book and a documentary.

But this project is driven by even greater aspirations, since our hope is to gradually develop it into educational programs, including 21 Day Challenges, online congresses, courses, lectures, and partnerships with educational institutions.

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1000 reasons for feeling awe one by one.

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Let’s experience together 1000 reasons for feeling awe one by one.

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