Your Reasons

This project cannot be fully realized without you.

As an essentially communal project, it derives its energy from the active participation and contribution of each and every one of us. A major form of participation would be contributing your own reason for feeling awe. While you are enjoying and feeling elevated by the materials we offer, your own special reasons are likely to arise, things that we seem to have overlooked.

The universe, we mustn’t forget, is meant to be experienced through

billions of eyes, bodies and minds.

So, what do you see and feel that we haven’t seen and felt?

Your inspired contribution can take different forms:

Video or audio recordings
Pieces of music

Our Collection

We will readily and gratefully examine all materials. If we deem the materials relevant to our expanding community, we will present and spread them using our different platforms.

Meanwhile, let this collection of contributed materials enkindle your own passion!

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