"To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an Hour.”

William Blake

About the Project

This project is a journey through life as we know it, with the intention of making us perceive this very same life in a radically new light. Its mission is to provide readers, listeners and viewers with one thousand reasons for regaining our lost sense of wonderment. This is a project for you to use and re-use on a daily basis, each time regaining some of this precious lost feeling.

In this project, we have invited established experts, such as biologists, cosmologists, philosophers, psychologists, artists, and poets from all over the world to contribute their own “reason” for feeling awe. The reasons will derive from their many diverse fields, but also from their own direct and daily experience.

The diversity of voices will enable a vast range of awe-experiences: poetic, scientific and informative, philosophical, and spiritual (or, in some cases, a blend of all) – from a biologist awestruck by the fact that life has given rise to more than 400,000 types of beetle, many of which are infinitesimal yet breathtakingly complex, to a psychologist awed by the human connections we form based on an utterly mysterious force of attraction.

For you, the reader, viewer or listener, participating in these experts’ points of view and realizing the miraculous nature of a certain dimension of their shareable reality should already be a direct experience of awe.

In actuality, there are not one thousand reasons for feeling awe but one million! Our readers, viewers and listeners will thus be encouraged to help us to develop the project further by adding their own “reasons.”

Let’s experience together

1000 reasons for feeling awe one by one.

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Let’s experience together 1000 reasons for feeling awe one by one.

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