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Engage in the development of our voluntary awe movement

There are many ways in which you can help us to foster the development of our voluntary awe movement. Here are some of them:

(you may come up with additional ideas we haven’t even considered!)

Add one more reason for feeling awe to our ever-growing list by creating a video or audio recording (anything between five and twenty minutes could work), or writing a post or an article (between 250 and 1000 words). Feel free to include self-owned photos or footage. We would be more than happy to publish any relevant material.
If you are an amateur or professional photographer or filmmaker, and you are willing to contribute some awe-inspiring images or videos of either the natural or the human world to our project, we would gratefully integrate these into our universe of awe.
If you have a good candidate for our expert interviews in mind, or if you would like to offer yourself, we would be happy to receive your suggestions.
Do you possess video or textual editing capacities or are you willing to transcribe some of the expert interviews? Help us to perfect the interview materials!
If you run a blog, a website, or a social media channel, or if you are able to help spread the word in any imaginable way, we would be happy to partner with you.
Are you a filmmaker? Perhaps you’d like to support and even enable our dream of making a documentary about this project. Contact us!
Help us finance the project’s ambitious goals, such as the book and the documentary. Any donation would be thankfully embraced!
Heads or members of educational organizations and institutions are always invited to partner with us in order to develop the capacity for awe in both young ones and adults.

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