Awe is a feeling

that results from our direct encounters with facts and realities which demonstrate that life is a miracle and that, in fact, we live inside a miracle.

Intellectually, we all know that the world is full of wonders, but we are so overwhelmed by our everyday demands that we end up taking everything around us for granted.

In addition, the unfortunate tendency of the human mind is to become so familiar with the world that it can eventually experience life as “boring” and “dull.” For instance, we may think that unicorns are exciting because they are magical and mythical, but if our reality would one day accommodate actual unicorns, we would soon get used to them, become indifferent to their presence among us and look again for the magical outside our present reality.

Based on the principle that Life is a magic we have gotten used to, this project’s vision is all about helping us to stop searching for miracles and to start identifying them inside and outside us. The good news is that even the toughest minds still possess a childlike ability to open their eyes to the wonder around them. In this sense, we can say that this type of project is also about

the awakening of the “inner child.”

The feeling of awe has been researched in the last decades in the field of positive psychology. It is now considered to be an important quality that helps people to immediately return to a state of wellbeing.

It has been shown that awe connects us to others, lowers our stress levels, enhances positive emotions, and increases our compassion and creativity. But unlike gratitude, an emotion which has already been greatly discussed by positive psychology writers, awe is a relatively new field of exploration.

We believe, however, that the feeling of awe does much more for us: it places us in our right place in the universe and endows us with a sense of meaning. Our minds are designed to mirror and reflect on the magic of the cosmos in its myriad appearances. Awe fills us with the most fundamental and essential feeling of oneness with the unfathomable mystery around us and within us.

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