6 foundational questions for your interview

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Below, we would like to provide you with six foundational questions that will frame our conversation. Please take a moment to review them.

Please note:

  • This interview is designed to delve deeply into a specific topic, which should require approximately thirty minutes of your time. Our objective is to capture the listeners’ attention by focusing on a particular phenomenon that inspires awe.
  • As an expert in your field, you have the opportunity to shed light on aspects of life and the universe that are often inaccessible to those outside of your profession. However, you may also choose to draw inspiration from your general life experiences to highlight a reason for feeling awe.
  • The following six questions are intended to serve as a starting point for your reflection. While not all questions may be relevant to our conversation, they serve as an example of the depth we hope to achieve in this type of interview. It is possible that we may only focus on two or three of these questions, and new topics may emerge organically as our discussion progresses.
1. What is your reason for feeling awe—the phenomenon that fills your heart with a sense of awe and wonder and leaves you humbled and amazed by the world around you? Is it a place, a person, an idea, a scientific phenomenon, or something else entirely?

2. As someone who has delved deeply into this phenomenon, can you offer us a glimpse into what lies beneath the surface and what makes it so powerful and transformative? Can you weave a tapestry of words, painting a portrait of this phenomenon born of your own expertise and experience?

3. Take us on a journey through your personal encounter with this wondrous phenomenon. What was the first experience that made you feel a sense of awe in the face of this phenomenon? Can you describe a specific moment where you felt completely immersed in the feeling of awe, and what emotions and thoughts it evoked within you? Where did it take you emotionally and spiritually? How did it impact your life and perspective? Take us on a journey to the place where you connect with this awe-inspiring phenomenon on the deepest level. What does it feel like to be there? What thoughts and emotions arise within you?

4. As an expert in this field or someone who has experienced this phenomenon firsthand, can you help us understand what it is that makes it so remarkable and captivating? What is it about this experience that makes it a source of awe? Is it the sheer beauty of it, the sense of transcendence, or something else entirely? Is it because it defies logic and reason, or because it touches on something primal and fundamental within us?

5. When we encounter this phenomenon, what does it reveal to us about the nature of the human experience or the nature of the mysteries of life? What deeper truths can we uncover through experiencing it? What does this phenomenon reveal to us about the intricate, interconnected web of life that we are a part of?

6. Can the rest of us tap into this profound sense of wonder and awe? What steps can we take to become more deeply connected with this phenomenon and experience it on a more profound level? What kind of mindset or approach is required to fully embrace it? What inner work or changes in perspective are necessary to fully embrace its transformative power?

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